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We are a small private startup with a wealth of experience in the commercial and public sectors!

Our employees have worked with Blue Chip industries for over 20 years and we want to use our experience to help your business.



eLearning solution

We have written a wide variety of bespoke online learning packages for our Customers. Our applications include :

  • An integrated training suite for a city based accountancy firm
  • Several eLearning modules for BSI and CEN
  • KPI based staff training for a well known retailer.
Problem and Issue Management
Issue Management

Our hosted problem management system is being used on a major system project co-ordinating communication and tracking issues across the in-house team and external suppliers. Our solution is founded on a leading industry package supporting one of the world's leading Open Source database systems.

The solution helps our client keep track of all their issues, quickly and simply. We are not just talking about technical and system issues, but all the day to day problems that can be difficult to track in any resource-stretched business.

There is no capital outlay and a minimal administration overhead. Issues can be logged simply by sending an e-mail.

  Business Systems Consultancy

Business System Action Plans

We have worked with a number of clients to help them define clear, achievable action plans, supporting them to ensure the plans are successfully delivered. Our skill, expertise and experience in the system field can help support your business. Whether you are making changes to your existing systems or looking to develop new systems we are sure we can help you solve your problem.


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