Affordable Online Training   Online Training

Perhaps you need to train your employees to meet legal requirements or you want them to know all about your latest product.

Or you need to an easy way to get a demonstration online...

Whatever your requirement our solutions mean you can have your training online in no time. You can even track their progress if you need to.

All with no need for major IT investment or complex IT programs.

Why use elearning?
Click here to see some of the advantages that online learning can offer.

Online Content from Powerpoints Powerpoints Online

Have you already written your training material in Powerpoint ? Our award winning software will take your Powerpoints and convert them to run on the web, efficiently and securely as Flash movies.

We can convert the Powerpoints to a SCORM compliant format, if that is needed.

Just send us a copy of your Powerpoint file. We will return your Powerpoint along with the Flash movie in two business days.

We can help you get these on the web by hosting them in our pages you just create a link to the page we host.

All this for around 3.75 a slide.  
Click here to see an example of Flash generated from a Powerpoint

A simple LMS ( Learning Management System )

Our intermediate training solution allows you to deliver structured training, track progress, get reports and limit the number of times a Learner takes a course.

Not sure what a LMS does? Click here for a full explanation.

See an online demo here: A clear, uncluttered LMS
(userid: demo, password: demo)

A fully featured LMS Measuring Results

A full featured web training portal.

You can create a course within our portal or we can host the portal for you. To see a demo click here for a feature rich Learning Management System

(userid demo, password demo)

Measure Success

If you want to track who has taken the training and how well they have understood the content then use our hosted eLearning solution.

We can create online tests to tell you exactly how well the training has been understood, how long the Learner spent taking the course and many other measures. 

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