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  Whatever the size of your business we can help. The days when being a large corporate guaranteed success are now passing. Smaller, more dynamic companies can respond to challenges quicker and exploit gaps in the market. With over 25 years experience we will meet the challenges placed on your business systems.Using our hosted applications we can deliver solutions to you quickly and without the need for in-house IT skills or corporate Capex approvals. 



Every business relies on information technology. We have been experts in the IT business over 25 years and seen it radically transform and improve small and large businesses. We have also helped fix the damage ill-considered systems delivery has caused.

IT systems are changing rapidly and the functionality and scope of tools on the market can be really baffling. The good news is today's systems do not need to cost a fortune and can be implemented quickly, meaning you can easily quantify the benfit on your business before you move forward.

No software licence costs !

Our business is based on making sure your systems support your business processes, efficiently and cost effectively. We can help you audit and check those processes if this is needed.

An instant toolset with no long term software fees

Our web based solutions help you

  1. Track issues
  2. Deliver training
  3. Manage projects

    read more about systems improvement...

with no complex in-house IT set up costs.

You decide how long you need the service for, we deliver it.

We can help you manage the entire process leaving you time to focus on your core business

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"During our collaboration with Agenor, we particularly appreciated the swiftness, the quality of the service and the professionalism in understanding and handling our requests in a timely manner.

The provision of the e-learning package
is seen as a strategic tool."

B. Delloye

Programme Manager - Standards Development

European Committee for Standardization CEN






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