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  Whatever the size of your business we can help. The days when being a large corporate guaranteed success are passing. Smaller, more dynamic companies can respond to challenges quicker and exploit gaps that appear in the market. With over 25 years experience we will meet the challenges placed on your business systems. Using our hosted applications we can deliver our solutions quickly and without the need for in-house IT skills. 


Our business is built on helping you ensure your business systems efficiently support your business processes. We can help you develop and check those processes as well if you want.

We believe three tools underpin effective systems improvement

Issue and Problem Management

You should be able to measure and track issues raised anywhere in your business and ensure these are managed through to a successful conclusion. Reviewing issues regularly helps understand their impact on your operation, your customer base and staff morale. You start to understand the root cause of the issues... are changes required, or is there a training requirement?

Our Issue management system - a functional list
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Effective Training

Training - should be used to address issues caused by lack of skill or
knowledge. Be clear on what you want the training to achieve and set clearly defined objectives. We have several cost effective solutions to meet every kind of business. Each option will let you deliver web based interactive training. If you prefer the training can be delivered on CD, DVD or USB stick. Our solutions have in-built tools to help you assess how well the training has met the objectives, how long has been spent on it and if the course has been completed !

Option 1 : We can take your existing training and convert it to Flash format, an extremely efficient format for delivery over the web. Show me.... Powerpoints converted to Flash

Option 2 : Our intermediate training solution allows you to deliver structured training, track progress, get reports and limit the number of times a Learner takes a course. View an online demo here: Our intermediate LMS
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note : we can also deliver this LMS on CD !

Option 3 : A full featured web training portal. We can either create a course within our portal or host the full solution for you. VIew a demo here: Our fully featured LMS
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Project Management

A hosted online project management system, accessible form anywhere, at any time

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